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Liberalism in India

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  • G. P. Manish, Shruti Rajagopalan, Daniel Sutter, and Lawrence H. White
Volume Number 12
Issue Number 3
Pages 432–459
File URL Liberalism in India
Publication year 2015

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  1. The article started well with a discussion of the political liberals of India.

    Thereafter it got derailed entirely, by including academics like Jagdish Bhagwati and Deepak Lal who are grossly illiberal and have actively supported socialist and arguably anti-Muslim BJP (in particular, both of these “liberals” rejected any interaction with actual political liberals and actively promoted, instead, the violently illiberal Modi during the 2014 Indian elections).

    It then discusses think tanks, some of which (like CCS) have been entirely and actively supportive of socialist parties.

    Worse, it entirely blanks out Sharad Joshi’s work for Indian liberalism, including through his Swatantra Bharat Party.

    And it entirely blanks out the work of SV Raju in taking the flag of Indian liberalism forward for over 50 years through Freedom First, including through his writ petition against the mandatory requirement for political parties to swear allegiance to socialism.

    And it entirely blanks out my work since 1998, including through the India Policy Institute, the Freedom Team of India, the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation and Swarna Bharat Party. My work has been 100 per cent devoted to political liberalism, towards which none of the post Rajaji alleged “liberals” cited this article provided either any intellectual or moral support – since they have been smitten by socialist political parties. And one should not forget the role of young political liberals like Anil Sharma and now, Sanjay Sonawani.

    One would have expected at least a modicum of research capability from the authors, given that I myself have elaborately written on wikipedia on this subject and run a political liberal blog which receives over a thousand unique visits each day. It is all there on the internet. However, these authors did not care to type their question into google.

    Overall, this article must be rated a C.

    posted 11 Oct 2016 by Sanjeev Sabhlok

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