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  • Jt exposes what lies between the lines.
  • Jt criticism helps me see how academic publishing really works.
  • When I read an article I sometimes find serious problems. Jt enables me to develop my criticisms.
  • Jt enables me to air my criticisms of an article.
  • Jt makes researchers accountable. The critical commentary makes fascinating reading.
  • Jt shows me which articles in my field people care about.
  • Jt shows me how readers react to articles I've published.
  • I use Jt to post updates and second-thoughts about my own articles.

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  3. Aard Man commented on The Euro: It Happened, It’s Not Reversible, So… Make It Work at 03:07 PM20 Jul.
  4. Larry Hamelin commented on Religion, Heuristics, and Intergenerational Risk Management at 11:07 AM29 Jul.
  5. Nathan W commented on Can ‘Religion’ Enrich ‘Economics’? at 07:06 PM10 Jun.

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